• £15.00
Bristle Strength

About the product

TOOTH.HEAD is our changeable toothbrush head, made from a plant-based material making it compostable and/or recyclable.

Our simple locking mechanism is designed for an easy switch from your old head to the new.

Our heads come in 3 different bristle strengths: Soft, Medium and Firm.

Our layered bristle profile allows for optimal cleaning of the mouth and lets you reach almost any tooth angle.

Product Detail

With TOOTH.PLAN.SIX you will receive 6x TOOTH.HEAD per delivery at your chosen frequency.

How to recycle/compost?

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, so can be disposed in your domestic recycling.

The bristles are recyclable (you may need to check with your local recycling facility if they accept bristles) and the body of the head is commercially compostable.