• £30.00
Bristle Strength


About the product

TOOTH.HOME a simple set to complete your eco-friendly routine.

TOOTH. is designed with sustainability in mind, the recycled aluminium handle becomes your forever companion, simply change the head when you need to. The ergonomic design of the brush allows for optimal cleaning and navigation in your mouth and our layered bristle profile lets you reach almost any angle.

TOOTH.STAND gives TOOTH. a great home by your sink and allowing the bristles to aerate and dry properly.

You can customise your TOOTH.HANDLE to your liking with a choice of four different colours: Charcoal, Ash, Rose or Gold.

You can also choose the bristle strengths for your TOOTH.HEAD: Soft, Medium or Firm.


Product Details

TOOTH.HOME includes:

- TOOTH.HANDLE (colour of choice): Our recycled aluminium handle has a 70 micron hard-coat anodised finish that is durable and compliments the sleek ergonomic design.

- TOOTH.HEAD (bristles strength of choice): Our changeable head is made from a plant-based material making it compostable and/or recyclable. Our simple locking mechanism is designed for an easy switch to your new head.

- TOOTH.STAND: Made from recycled medical grade 17-4 stainless steel, it is it non-corrosive and durable, allowing it withstand the damp environment of a bathroom.  It is also magnetically attachable to the travel case.


    How to recycle/compost?

    Our packaging is 100% recyclable, so can be disposed of in your domestic recycling.

    The bristles are recyclable (you may need to check with your local recycling facility if they accept bristles) and the body of the head is commercially compostable.