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The Eco Toothbrush of the Future!

214% funded, 1140 backers on Kickstarter. What an amazing start for Eco Tooth.

We were not expecting all this excitement and curiosity around our product and brand.

Plastic pollution is a major problem that the world is facing today. The oral health industry hasn't seen much innovation when it comes to beating plastic pollution except for the bamboo toothbrush, which isn't as sustainable as we think it is.

3.5 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year and over 98% of it is not biodegradable. Interesting fact, if we were to stack them up, it's enough to reach the moon and then some.

Eco Tooth aims to solve this problem by creating THE toothbrush of the future. The handle is made from recycled aluminium and the head of the brush is changeable and fully biodegradable (bristles included!).

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