Sustainable Innovation

100% plant-powered bio plastic and completely planet friendly.

Renewable Source

Better than oil-based plastics which are made from finite resources.

Circular Economy

Durable, recyclable and biodegradable. Work is underway for home composting.


"Innovations are required to come up with sustainable solutions.
This is exactly what we’re good at."

Who and What is

Our strategic partner, Senbis have developed a range of innovative and sustainable bioplastics.

Senbis is a Dutch company that divides its activities between R&D services and the production of sustainable polymeric product. Heavily focused on sustainable innovation, they we operate an extensive polymer laboratory and pilot plant facilities in which they work with a team of highly experienced polymer chemists and specialists.

It was only natural for both Senbis and Tooth.Eco to team up and create the most sustainable toothbrush head there is.