An innovative plant-based material.

Powered by Plants

Made from plants such as sugar cane or corn. It's as green as it gets. 

Renewable Source

6x better than oil-based plastics which are made from finite resources.

Sustainable End-of-Life

Industrial compostable or recyclable. Work is underway for home composting.


" We improve the performance of standard PLA
to make it suitable for a far wider range of applications and products. "

Who and What is

Our strategic partner, Floreon™ has spent the past 10 years formulating a globally patented plant-based material. Made from renewable sources such as sugar cane or corn, it makes for a better and more sustainable alternative to oil-based plastics.

It was only natural for both Floreon™ and Tooth.Eco to team up and create the most sustainable toothbrush head there is.