Tips, Truths and Teeth.

Earth Day 2022

This years' theme is: Invest in our planet.At this very present moment, there’s no reason not to act for our planet.

World Health Day 2022

Environmental crisis is happening right now, it has actually been going on for decades and our planet cannot hold it any longer, same with humanity's health and well-being.

The World is Watching: Let's Talk about COP26

Many would say COP26 was the conference of the decade. But what exactly is it? What happened and what happens now? Well, we did some research, let's talk about COP26.

Scared of dentists? You're not the only one. Let's talk about Dentophobia

We are all scared of something, you might just be scared of going to the dentist and that's okay. But is it the dentist itself that scares you? Is it the fear of pain? Maybe it's the needles or the sounds or smells. Let us help you figure it out.