What does Eco-friendly mean?

We've all seen the term "Eco-friendly" printed everywhere recently,
but do you know what it means?

To be eco-friendly, means there is no harm done to the planet.

When you're out on your weekly shop and you spot an eco-friendly detergent MAKE THE SWAP! This means that not only is the packaging safe for the environment but so is the detergent itself. Now you may be thinking how can detergent be harmful to the planet? Well you see, its the chemicals that are used to make it that can be harmful, so removing these chemicals results in a cleaner and safer solution for the environment.

Living an eco lifestyle doesn't have to be challenging, it can actually save you money! A small step like turning a light off when you're not using it helps reduce your carbon footprint. Yes! It's that easy. Try switching your light bulbs to LED bulbs. LED bulbs are more energy efficient as they save up 75% more energy and last longer than your average bulb.

A carbon footprint is the effects you leave behind. If you were to reduce activities that have a negative impact the environment for example, driving. Yes driving is needed but not all journeys are necessary. If it is a short journey, why not take a walk? This will reduce your carbon footprint as less gasses are being emitted. 

Reusable items are a great example of eco-friendly products. Investing in reusable bottles, straws and toothbrushes will help reduce landfill as you will no longer need these single use items.

Many appliances have been modified to be eco-friendly. Eco-friendly technology helps preserve the environment as it reduces energy consumption, for example: Your washing machine and/or dishwasher will more than likely have an eco option. The eco cycle will use less water as well as lower wash and rinse temperatures which results in more energy preserved as less energy will be used to heat the water.

Eco-friendly transport are vehicles that do not emit gases. Electric cars are a huge step in the right direction! Although some may have a petrol/diesel back up option, the main source is electricity, resulting in a major decrease in pollution. New driver? Why not make your first car your first step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. An electric car will also save you money. Now that's a win win situation!

The main thing to take from this is that there are so many ways to begin your eco-friendly journey.

We'd usually recommend to start small, like a toothbrush. This is why we decided to create an eco-friendly toothbrush with a forever aluminium handle and a changeable head. Check it out in our store.

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