Toothbrush Subscription: What's that about?

"This may sound odd at first,
I mean subscribing to a flipping toothbrush?"

The Toothbrush Subscription

These super groovy eco-friendly toothbrushes are made from 100% recyclable aluminium and have detachable, fully biodegradable heads.

The idea is that you purchase the aluminium base, and then Tooth will send you a new biodegradable head every three months as part of a subscription service. (Dentists recommend changing toothbrushes every three months)

This may sound odd at first, I mean subscribing to a flipping toothbrush? What the hell? Does it play music as well? Can I watch the football on it? I'm not so sure about this?

But it basically means that you'll never have to throw away another toothbrush again. All the heads will naturally biodegrade, and after years and years when the aluminium base needs replacing, Tooth will recycle it for you, and send you a new one made from 100% recycled material.

This kind of subscription service for products is an essential element of the Circular Economy, as it allows the raw materials in each product to retain their value to the producer after purchase, meaning the raw materials can be sent back for re-use instead of ending up on a landfill or in the ocean. Subscribing to products will become much more commonplace in the near future, so better get used to it, and the toothbrush is a pretty simple way to do that.

For a £20/year subscription, you will be guaranteed a new and high-quality toothbrush at all times, and you will no longer be polluting the earth by cleaning your teeth.

Every plastic toothbrush we have ever owned still exists somewhere, clogging up some ocean or river or forest. This represents an incredibly convenient way to stop that from happening.

It's great to see the Circular Economy taking shape, and products like this can make a big difference!

Great stuff, and a tremendous example of sustainable business models at their very best.


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