Tooth.Eco collabs with Stipra.

Find out how you can earn a sustainable toothbrush through our partner, Tooth.Eco, by recycling your old toothbrushes and other plastic products!

We're excited to announce our partnership with sustainable toothbrush brand, Tooth.Eco! As part of the Stipra rewards program, users can claim their Tooth.Eco product once they achieve a certain number of points from recycling products.

This partnership is aligned with our mission to promote sustainable living and help combat climate change.

TeknTrash have developed an app Stipra which rewards people for recycling properly. The points achieved can be used against any number of perks and benefits available in the Stipra App. Tooth.Eco has partnered with TeknTrash as part of the Stipra rewards program, users can claim their Tooth.Eco product once they achieve a certain number of points from recycling products. The desire behind this partnership is to highlight how easy it can be to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced across the world simply through recycling and buying products which have a longer life span and built from sustainable materials.

"We are so excited to be partnering with Stipra and TeknTrash. This is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness of how consumers can choose more sustainable everyday products which still deliver on their purpose and look beautiful due to a greater focus on design and aesthetics," said Joshua Oates, Co-Founder and CEO of Tooth.Eco

Al Costa, CEO and Founder of TeknTrash explains that, "we believe the entire recycling model has failed as it has never rewarded people for recycling, the model has always been a stick instead of a carrot. If we are able to engage users and encourage behavioural change through a rewards program, we are in much better stead to pave a new movement which simply becomes a daily habit."

The partnership is live on the Stipra app, users simply need to download the app and register and earn the required points through the recycling program in order to redeem a Tooth.Eco subscription. 

According to new data from TeknTrash, a staggering 60% of the spending major consumer brands make on digital marketing is wasted and 80% of the 30,000 new consumer products launched per year fail. This is due to the fact that companies lack consumption data, meaning they don't have a complete understanding of their product's lifecycle.

TeknTrash understands that every product has three different steps in its lifecycle: production, sales and consumption. However, organisations are only using the first two and the market relies on sales data for future batches, which is the worst data to use for this purpose. Just because a product was sold to a wholesaler or direct to a consumer channel such as a supermarket doesn't mean it would be sold again, as the end consumer may not have liked the product and won't repeat the purchase.

Stipra comprises an SaaS cloud-based portal that manages the data and two data sources. The first is an app available for both Android and IOS, which gives users perks and prizes for making videos showing themselves disposing of household items. Secondly, the company offers StipraPOD (Point of Disposal), a network of smart bins that is the world's first disposal system to provide companies with useful consumption data while rewarding users for disposing products.

About TeknTrash.

TeknTrash is solving the world's waste problem, one plastic bottle, can, glass and piece of paper at a time. TeknTrash obtains data from household rubbish via their app, Stipra. Stipra is an app which incentivises consumers for responsible recycling. The user builds points per product recycled which can then be redeemed across a number of the perks and rewards available on the Stipra App. 

Through the data collection process TeknTrash are able to fill a critical gap in product consumption data which is a vital piece of knowledge for CPG companies who want to understand who, how, when and where their products are being consumed. 

About Tooth.Eco.

Tooth.Eco is here to change the way we view oral care. By simply re-designing an everyday object into something truly sustainable, beautifully designed, and environmentally friendly, Tooth.Eco sets itself apart from the typical eco toothbrush. 

Tooth.Eco is on a mission to reduce the 3.5 billion toothbrushes thrown away each year worldwide and more than 98% are made from completely unsustainable materials. An upgrade from bamboo, all Tooth.Eco products are manufactured using sustainable or recycled materials. TOOTH.HANDLE is a reusable handle made from 100% recycled aluminium, and the replaceable toothbrush heads - TOOTH.HEAD is comprised of plant-based biodegradable materials with recyclable BPA-free Nylon bristles.

Download the app.

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