Is sharing REALLY caring?

Answering the age old question:
Can I share toothbrushes with my partner? 

Sharing toothbrushes with your partner

Sharing your toothbrush with your partner? Stop!

First off, a question for you. Why? Why would you want to share a toothbrush? Some might ask "why not"? Well, allow us to explain.

Storing toothbrushes in your bathroom is common but is it safe? No, airborne bacteria thrives in warm and moist environments, a bathroom is a great example. The bacteria can be shared between toothbrushes so ideally everyone should have their own toothbrush and tube of toothpaste.

Sharing a toothbrush isn't only disturbing but it's very unhygienic. Sharing anything that has been in somebody else's mouth automatically makes you a higher risk of gingivitis and gum disease. This is through exposure to excess bacteria that some carry in their mouths. 

It's not only your oral health that will suffer; having a communal toothbrush can damage your overall health. Sharing your toothbrush can result in transmission of viral infections through the transfer of saliva as flu viruses can survive on a toothbrush for 3 days. If that isn't enough reason to get your own toothbrush, bleeding gums are not uncommon and sharing can lead to the spread of serious diseases that are transmitted by blood such as hepatitis c.

So truly speaking, sharing is NOT caring! Protect your teeth, protect yourself.

Our answer to your question is no, you should 110% not be sharing a toothbrush with your partner or anyone else in that matter. 

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